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Archive FAQs Newly Revised!

How the Archive Works
Summary Advice by Carol Thomas
Coding Your Story Properly What all those header codes mean, in the group and in the Archive


An Introduction The Basics on the USENET group alt.startrek.creative
Reader's Guide to alt.startrek.creative
Advice For Authors planning to post to alt.startrek.creative
MiSTing on ASC* A guide on how to responsibly give stories the Mystery Science Theather 3000 treatment
The Mannerly Art of Critique how to respond to critizism of your story and Critique others work by Peg Robinson
The Mannerly Art of Disagreement or Jeffersonian Debate is Alive and Well on the Internet. Macedon's guide on how to handle hot subjects on ASC and elsewhere.


Prelude to ASCA A guide to our [PG-13] or less group
Appeals for disagreements with the ASCA Moderation team.


A Guide to Infinite Combinations For advice on our moderated Erotica Group
Ruth's ASCEM Glossary For some ASCEM terms you might have heard
Karmen's Mirror Feed Back FAQ Mirror Universe's Feedback rules

Awards FAQs Newly Updated!

2005 ASC Awards As run Feb-May 2006.
2005 Golden Os FAQ Old Management returns