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Combined Drabbles 100 words of wisdom

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With the Ancient Destroyer Japanese Monster Movie meets Trek
With Doctor Who
With Highlander
With M*A*S*H
With Star Wars
Original Captains and Crew

All non show Original Captains and Crews Excludes Marrissa Stories
USS Amagosa A shared Universe in the DS9 era centered around the starship Amagosa and it's alumni
USS Infinity Captain Rando and the crew of the USS Infinty
USS Majestic Stories set around the USS Majestic
Marrissa Stories The career of a young girl from child to captain
New Fronteir Not Peter David's
Outwardly Mobile Captain Hailey and his commands.
Vortex The story of Elsa McKenna
Series Started By Pocket Books

Peter David's New Frontier
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Stories Between TOS and TNG
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Stories before TOS
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Special Parodies

Trek Smut University (TSU) Where the Treksmut writer goes to school.
Rude Person we were rudely interupted and this was the result
Python Trek No one expects the Spanish Inquistion!
MiSTings Bots in pain. Mads overjoyed. Film at 11.
CSNews parodies From an old mailing list, CSNews.
Strek-L From an old mailing list, Strek-L
Other Parodies Inculdes many of the above.
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