Welcome to Trekiverse, an archive of Star Trek Fanfiction originally posted to the newsgroups alt.startrek.creative, alt.startrek.creative.all-ages, and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, and/or directly submitted. Trekiverse has been continuously maintained by volunteers since its founding in 1991 as the Alt.Startrek.Creative Archive (aka the ASC* Archive).

Here you will find thousands of fanfiction stories inspired by all 5 aired Star Trek series, as well as author-created Original Captains & Crews, crossovers, and some hard-to-describe pieces we couldn't quite place anywhere else. As of Fall 2013, the archive is powered by eFiction, including all the functionality that provides, along with some custom bells & whistles of our own.

Keep in mind that Trekiverse was founded as an ftp archive; therefore stories are largely presented much as they originally appeared on Usenet, with minimal formatting and newsgroups headers often intact. As the archive conversion continues, stories eventually will be reformatted with HTML tags. Because of the size of the archive, the conversion process is partially automated through use of php scripts, and therefore you may find errors. If so, please notify us by clicking on Contact Us and completing the form. You may also send suggestions for change using the same link. The original archive is still available.

The Archive Team does not discriminate on the basis of quality, ratings, or content in archiving. The team does ask that you always be courteous to the authors. Keep in mind that many e-mails in stories are very dated, due to authors moving on in the 22 years in which this archive has been functioning. Please do not attempt to download the full archive in one night.