The Crown of Red Cliff

Welcome to my new page. You've found the home of Stephen Ratliff's work on the World Wide Web. Hear in you'll find my works of Star Trek Fan-Fiction, a newly revised list of links, and perhaps something more. I also host a copy of the Trekiverse Index pages here.

Who am I? I'm a 32 year old College graduate currently employed by the Good Hands People as a Technical Support Rep. I spent a good part of the last dozen years writing Star Trek fan fiction. In the process, I managed to acquire several jobs on the Star Trek Fan Fiction Usenet group alt.startrek.creative leading to a title by which this page used to go, "The Insufficeintly Reluctant CS Major." Since graduating, I've continued to work with the ASC* staff, and write more stories.

My interests are widespread. You'll find me listening to Classical and Country Music with some Japanese Anime scores mixed in. In my bookcase you'll find Biographies of the Kings and Queens of England right next to Agatha Christie, Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings, Eric Flint, David Weber and C.S.Forrester. When it comes to TV, there is all forms of Trek, Babylon 5, the West Wing, and almost anything that comes on BBC America (especially Gound Force ... I'm a sucker for a good brass theme song) You'll also find me veiwing my brother's copies of Kenshin, or perhaps reading a good Harry Potter fan fiction.

So, enjoy my little offering, and be sure to let me know what you enjoyed, via the e-mail link below.

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