The Lighthouse of Red Cliff

Welcome to the Lighthouse on Red Cliff. In this lofty tower you'll find my fan fiction, in particular the Marrissa Stories. This section is the work of more than a dozen years, and covers the rise of young Marrissa from her pre-teen years to her own Captaincy of her own Enterprise.

What's New 4/5/2005
New Design work continues...
What's Featured 4/3/2005
New Graphics and Design (I'll be featuring something else later)
Marrissa Stories 4/5/2005
The First Adventures - From that time in the turbolift to the launch of the Enterprise-E
Lt. Picard Era - Marrissa's time on the Enterprise-E and on Essex
Stargazer Missions - On the Federation's revival of the Fighter Carrier via a refit frigate, Marrissa strikes out on her own.
Endeavor Missions - Marrissa gets her first real command, and discovers she still has a lot to learn.
Last Romulan War - The Last Romulan War brings Marrissa to her own Enterprise
Alternate Universes - Alternate Universes of what could have happened to Marrissa.
Other Original Trek Captains 4/5/2005
Chantilly, Five Lashes On the Starship Oklahoma, Captain Osanna is about to discover some dark secrets.
Other Stories 4/5/2005
There is Nothing Like a Dame Trouble With Tribbles. South Pacific. A rare songfic from me.
Sink the Bismark Another Songfic, this time with Deep Space Nine. Maybe its not so rare

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