Trekiverse: Deep Space Nine Adult
Remembrance of 'Things Past' by Jamie Hartman
Series: DS9
Codes: D/Du
Jadzia answers the question, what happened during the lost hours Dax spent with Gul Dukat during the episode 'Things Past'?
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 7028 bytes Review
Renewals by Agincourt
Series: DS9
Codes: K/Ez/Leeta
Ezri Dax decides to resume some ofher former hosts' intimate relationships on DS9
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 31688 bytes Review
Repayment by Simon Deans
Series: DS9
Codes: B/O'B
Sequel to 'Drunken Fun.' Upon waking up in Julian's bed, Miles tries to work out what happened last night. Julian persuades Miles to 'repay' him for the previous night's pleasure... :-)
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 8272 bytes Review
Reptile by BGM
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
A vignette incorporating the words of a song into the violent lovemaking between Garak and Julian Bashir.
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 5108 bytes Review
Reptiles and Humans and Heat, Oh My! by BGM
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 9756 bytes Review
Reptilian Romance by BGM
Series: DS9
Codes: K/Du, Dmr, Z
Gul Dukat and Kira Nerys are on their way to a mission, But something goes wrong and they are caught in a Particle Storm which takes them lightyears off course. It will take them months to get back to the Wormhole and Deep Space Nine. That is when the Cardassian Gul has some gruelling news for Deep Space Nine's second in Command.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 114154 bytes Review
Retribution by Carolyn Carideo and Mandy Gordon
Series: DS9
Codes: K/B
Painful memories are slowly poisoning the happy relationship between Major Kira and Dr. Bashir. Will a visit to the planet that harmed them relieve Julian's anger? A sequel to 'Servitude.' [Incomplete!]
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 195927 bytes Review
Retrograde by Uhura2
Series: DS9, Mirror Universe
Codes: S/f/Alternate Bashir/Alternate Sisko, multiples
The Ben Sisko from the mirror universe gets resurrected, a plot cooked up by the mirror Kasidy Yates causes Commander Dariellah Maxwell to switch places with her alternate, and our Ben Sisko is left to deal with the temptation. And all the while, the mirror Bashir has plans of his own......
Rating: [NC-17] for multiples, rape Posted: Size: 282823 bytes Review
Revelations by Calicia
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Julian gets jealous of a visitor to DS9.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 22782 bytes Review
Rhythm'll Get Ya by BGM
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Harmonics are a curious thing. When Jadzia was live, Sisko was dating Cassidy and the Dominion was far away from people's mind.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 8861 bytes Review
The Right Choice by BGM
Series: DS9
Codes: Qu/Ez, spanking
Quark shows Ezri why she should have chosen him over Julian.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 6812 bytes Review
Riptide by OdoGoddess
Series: DS9
Codes: O/K
Spanning from 'Ties of Blood & Water' to after 'Children of Time', this 'what-if?' gathers the loose ends between Odo and Kira...and ties them.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 127106 bytes Review
Risala of Risa by Nyani-Iisha Martin
Series: DS9
Codes: B/f, implied G/B
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 36268 bytes Review
Romantic Challenges by Invicta
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Odo turns matchmaker to get Bashir and Garak together, but encounters a few troubles along the way.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 142858 bytes Review
Romeo & Julian by Novus Homo
Series: DS9
Codes: B/m, h/c
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 30270 bytes Review
Rotaren by Jehan Jaleel
Series: DS9
Codes: Ez
Takes place in the time between the episodes 'Shadows and Symbols' and'Afterimage', shortly after Ezri first comes on board. She has enough trouble adjusting to DS9 when she finds herself on Martok's ship the Rotaren. There she finds even troubles when the ship re-unites her with some old friends. All this and a demon out to conquer the universe too. What is a young Trill to do?
Rating: [R] for sexuality, language and violence Posted: Size: 108088 bytes Review
Rule Of Acquisition #113 by Jehan Jaleel
Series: DS9
Codes: Qu/f (Leeta)
Quark shows who's boss.
Rating: [NC-17], rape Posted: Size: 5899 bytes Review
Sacrifice For The Sake Of Light by Kathryn Ramage
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Garak brings Bashir back to Cardassia with him when he is restored to power, but Bashir has a difficult time adjusting to his new environment and Garak is forced to make a difficult decision.
Rating: [NC-17], for explicit m/m sex. Posted: Size: 38482 bytes Review
Salus Populi by Matt Edwards
Series: DS9
Codes: Sloan
Following graduation from Starfleet Academy, Luther Sloan's attitudes and beliefs change as events take over.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 503307 bytes Review
Scheherezade by Henrietta Wotton
Series: DS9
Codes: G/Du, G/K
Six months after 'What You Leave Behind,' Dukat's back, and Garak's got him.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 108484 bytes Review
Scorched Earth by Una McCormack
Series: DS9
Codes: G
What if Tain's attack on the Founders' homeworld had been successful?
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 222497 bytes Review
Secret Ceremony by Jackie Barnes
Series: DS9
Codes: O/Jake
Odo reflects on an unexpected romantic liaison.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 12120 bytes Review
Secrets by Brenda Antrim
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
A glimpse into Bashir's personal log tells the story behind the events of his life, including a love that could never come to pass.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 12438 bytes Review
See What Happens When You Have Olivia, Sophie, and Charlene In Chat, and Tired by BGM, Olivia Monteith, and Charlene Vickers
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B, S, O
Rating: NC (m/m sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism) Posted: Size: 9060 bytes Review
A Sense Of Purpose by SwordQueen
Series: DS9
Codes: S/Du, G/B
Dukat makes an 'enticing' invitation to Sisko. Just what is he up to, and how will it affect Garak and Bashir?
Rating: [R] (m/m sexual content) Posted: Size: 88569 bytes Review