Trekiverse: Deep Space Nine Adult
Friendly Advice by Mary E.
Series: DS9
Codes: O/B, O/D/B (O/J/J), multiple
When Odo asks for advice on human sexuality, Bashir is happy to explain -- and demonstrate. Then Dax walks in. Then Dax calls Kira. Then Lwaxana arrives. The eventual result is a tangle of sexual relationships involving almost all the DS9 senior staff.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 300459 bytes Review
From Cardassia With Love by Invicta
Series: DS9
Codes: B/Du
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 31497 bytes Review
From Here to Eternity, Part 1 by Shauna
Series: DS9
Codes: K/Br
A young Kira fall in love with a very familiar face.
Rating: [NC-17] for violence and rape Posted: Size: 88104 bytes Review
From The Depths Within by kira-nerys
Series: DS9
Codes: K/Du
Dukat kidnaps Kira, during a survey mission. He has finally grown tired of getting snubbed by her...
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 19932 bytes Review
Frontiers by Shadoweaver
Series: DS9
Codes: K/D
Dax takes Kira to a beautiful holosuite world where she intends to explain how men think about women. But perhaps a demonstration of loving a woman would be more effective...
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 34412 bytes Review
Full Circles by melissa
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
It's the end of the world as DS9 knows it, so all the gods of the universe have a 'Going Out of Existance Party' at Quark's bar.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 124446 bytes Review
The Gallitep Diaries: A Witness of the Occupation by Michele Denise Cobb
Series: DS9
Codes: N/A
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 8092 bytes Review
Games of Me by Jon Andersen
Series: DS9
Codes: D/Ex
Ezri gets to know herself better
Rating: [NC-17] for lesbian sex, bdsm Posted: Size: 22946 bytes Review
Garak's Revenge by Mary E.
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Garak wants Dr. Bashir in his bed and uses rape and power games to achieve his end. However, the results affect all of Julian's relationships. A sequel to 'Friendly Advice.'
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 240490 bytes Review
Garak/Bashir: A Parody by Mary Kay Knasinski
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
In the beloved G/B tradition, our heroes find conflict, misunderstanding, and - each other.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 17426 bytes Review
Garak/Worf Scene by Mary Kay Knasinski
Series: DS9
Codes: W/G, G/B
Garak and Worf drown their sorrows at Quark's bar and find themselves becoming better acquainted in the process.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 7425 bytes Review
Getting Away From It All by Mary Kay Knasinski
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Garak and Julian plan to spend a relaxing few weeks on Risa, enjoying their relationship without prying eyes. But the arrival of Gul Dukat, intent on putting Garak on trial, changes that...
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 72629 bytes Review
The Gift Of Passion And Healing by Pat Santini
Series: DS9
Codes: S/K
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 28331 bytes Review
Going Wild by Elizabeth Helena
Series: DS9, Kukalaka 'verse!
Codes: AU, S(f)/K, B/Ba implied :-).
Taking advantage of the Starfleet Excuse Generator, theMajor and the Doctor succumb to Zanthi Fever. Yep it's a PWP ;-).
Rating: NC-17 because there's snogging and other sexual activity Posted: Size: 10043 bytes Review
A Goodnight by Olivia Monteith
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B, PWP
A night of intimacy Garak shares with Bashir.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 4521 bytes Review
Goodnight, Doctor by Elizabeth Wallace
Series: DS9
Codes: G/B
Julian tries desperately to talk Garak out of killing himself. Based on 'Night, Mother by Marsha Norman
Rating: N/A Posted: Size: 20474 bytes Review
The Grotto by Agincourt
Series: DS9
Codes: K/D
Sequel to 'Baubles, Batleths, and Beads'.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 20936 bytes Review
Guile's Children by Agincourt
Series: DS9
Codes: m/m
When a young patient dies his griefstricken parents accuse Bashir of malpractice, and manslaughter, and when the investigation results in Julian being found guilty of the charges, Garak decides to launch an investigation of his own into the matter.
Rating: [NC-17] for extreme violence and rape Posted: Size: 209624 bytes Review
Halfway by Ariana
Series: DS9
Codes: K/Du
Set during the episode 'Return to Grace'. The former head of the Occupation and the Resistance fighter discover they may have more in common than they thought.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 159194 bytes Review
Hand to Hand Maneuvers by CDS218
Series: DS9
Codes: J/J (D/B)
On the battlefield, Bashir and Dax find themselves experiencing an unexpected moment of intimacy.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 8341 bytes Review
Hard Edges & Indistinct Shapes by OdoGoddess
Series: DS9, sometime 7th season
Codes: O/K
a little late night discussion between two lovers.
Rating: R, consensual sex between consenting adults Posted: Size: 13437 bytes Review
Hard Time Coming by Cameron Burnell
Series: DS9
Codes: O/G
The need to set things right, sets things in motion for the tailor and the constable.
Rating: [NC-17], adult language, homo-erotic situations & graphic sex Posted: Size: 41257 bytes Review
The Haunted by Cameron Burnell
Series: DS9
Codes: O/B
A ghost story featuring Dr. Bashir and Odo.
Rating: [R] for murder and sexual mutilation Posted: Size: 21283 bytes Review
The Haunting Of Ezri Dax by Quark's Latinum Lady
Series: DS9
Codes: Ez, D, B
The ghost of Jadzia wants something from Ezri Dax.
Rating: [R] for violence Posted: Size: 7509 bytes Review
Head To Toe by Carolyn Winifred
Series: DS9
Codes: Ez/m (Vic)
Ezri has many spots, Vic has one. Where is it?
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 6431 bytes Review