Trekiverse: Original Series Adult
Hidden Pleasures by Liz Ellington
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S
Legacies can get you in trouble, especially when you were already headed in that direction. First time K/S
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 41501 bytes Review
His Happy Destiny by Laura Jacquez Valentine
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S
Kirk and Spock have sex.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 3283 bytes Review
His Own System by longbeachtrekstar
Series: TOS
Codes: K/m
Kirk and Cogley discuss more than just jurisprudence.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 5436 bytes Review
The History of Latex by T'Thrill
Series: TOS
Codes: S/C
Spock and Chekov have an interesting discussion that leads to other discoveries.
Rating: [NC-17] m/m Posted: Size: 23684 bytes Review
Ho Ho Ho by TJ
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S/Mc
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 13617 bytes Review
The Holiday Tree by Ster Julie
Series: TOS
Codes: TOS, K,S,Mc; Decorations Challenge
Ah, the joys of a politically correct holiday!
Rating: G Posted: Size: 3684 bytes Review
Holography by Pat Foley
Series: TOS
Codes: Spock, Sa/Am, T'Pau
gives a possibleexplanation for Sarek's behavior up to JTB as to his estrangement from Spock.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 1663 bytes Review
Holography, Novel by Pat Foley
Series: TOS
Codes: Spock, Sarek/Amanda, T'Pau
gives a possibleexplanation for Sarek's behavior up to JTB as to his estrangement fromSpock.
Rating: R Posted: Size: 8560 bytes Review
Home From The Hill by EmGee
Series: TOS, Trefoil series
Codes: K/S/f, multiple
Withheld by author's choice
Rating: [R] for mature themes and a brief sexual reference Posted: Size: 26788 bytes Review
Homecoming by EmGee
Series: TOS, Trefoil series
Codes: K/S/f
Kirk and Spock come home on leave.
Rating: [R] for mature themes and sexual references. No actual sex, Posted: Size: 16888 bytes Review
Homecoming by T'Len
Series: TOS
Codes: K/MC, S/Sc
Kirk and McCoy celebrate their reunion, with ends with a surprise
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 8925 bytes Review
Hooked on You by Islaofhope
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S
While giving Spock a massage, Kirk starts to fantasize. Spock takes the fantasy to its logical conclusion.
Rating: [NC-17], m/m sex Posted: Size: 16353 bytes Review
Hope Lives in Many Universes by Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Series: TOS
Codes: Kirk/Spock, Denethor (Denethor/Finduilas
In the depths of his despair at having'killed' Jim Spock meets someone who has walked thispath before.Note: For those readers who are completelyuninterested in The Lord of the Rings skip ahead to
Rating: PG for suicidal thoughts and superb amounts of Posted: Size: 14269 bytes Review
Hope Springs by T'Riva
Series: TOS
Codes: K/Sa, Sa/himself, S, Mc, OC
Sarek, Kirk, McCoy and Spock try to spend Christmastogether but a visit from Kirk's niece and a dark secret of Sarek'smake for anything but a vacation.
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 310051 bytes Review
Horseplay by Starshadow
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S
Rating: NC-17, explicit Posted: Size: 11697 bytes Review
Horses That Beggars Might Ride by Anastasia
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Ch
Christine Chapel saves a life and in return receives an extraordinary gift.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 52979 bytes Review
Hot Chocolate by Tina Murphy
Series: TOS
Codes: S/?
Unnamed narrator is given a *very* unusual gift by hir mate.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 13107 bytes Review
The House Call by Lyrastar
Series: TOS
Codes: Spock talking about how Kirk makes him feel.
McCoy says that he doesn't make house calls, except sometimeshe does. PWP-----------
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 3146303 bytes Review
The House Call by Lyrastar
Series: TOS
McCoy says that he doesn't make house calls, except sometimeshe does. PWP-----------
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 28363 bytes Review
How Was Your Shoreleave? by Karmen Ghia
Series: TOS
Codes: Mc/C
Dr. McCoy recalls a pleasant moment in his shoreleave with Chekov.
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 5477 bytes Review
Hungry by Lyrastar
Series: TOS
Codes: Kirk/Spock
Post-TMP PWP.----------------------
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 10989 bytes Review
The Hunt by Acidqueen
Series: TOS
Codes: Kirk/McCoy
When Kirk is taken over by alien forces, he becomesMcCoy's worst enemy.
Rating: NC-17+ for brutality and character death Posted: Size: 42314 bytes Review
Hypothesis and Conclusions by Rolletti
Series: TOS
Codes: Spock/Uhura
Chocolate, hypothesis need I say more?Disclaimer: Yeah yeah yeah Paramount owns all. Whatever!Feedback:
Rating: R Posted: Size: 4208 bytes Review
I Choose the Danger or Five Things That Never Happened During The by Tempest
Series: TOS, A/U
Five things that never happened during Star Trek III: The Searchfor Spock. All are unrelated. Some are more probable than others.Disclaimer: I don't own TOS. I never have and I never will. Star Trek andall of its relations are property of Paramount and Viacom. I only own thisstory. Anybody who has a problem with the thought of men in homosexual
Rating: PG for mentions of death and pon farr Posted: Size: 19181 bytes Review
I Leave This At Your Ear by Jane St Clair
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S, h/c
After Sam Kirk's death, Spock tracks Jim down on Earth. Set shortly after the episode 'Operation -- Annihilate!'
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 43702 bytes Review
I Never (or Yet Another Innovative Use of Plot Device #243) by Skazitelnitsky
Series: TOS
Codes: Su/U/C
Rating: [NC-17] Posted: Size: 58432 bytes Review
I Think I'm Going To Like It Here by T'Lin
Series: TOS
Codes: Su/C, first time
The Enterprise starts its five year mission ... sequel to 'One More ... For The Road'.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 18035 bytes Review
I Think We Should Start Seeing Other People by Karmen Ghia
Series: TOS
Codes: Sc/C
Chekov further explores his sexuality.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 11725 bytes Review
I Will Not Forget You by SAMK
Series: TOS
Codes: K/S/U
A different look at the beginning of Kirk & Spock.
Rating: [R] Posted: Size: 24105 bytes Review
I'll Cook, You Set the Table by Trekskitten
Series: TOS
Codes: PWP K/f (Emerson)
Emerson's hungry, so Jim cooks. (Yeah, it's cliché. Whocares?)
Rating: NC-17 Posted: Size: 10540 bytes Review